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About Jen Cole

Writing a bio that isn’t about work is a bit of a challenge. What defines me at this stage of my life?  I’ve always been a goal-oriented person; my goals are just much smaller now.  I recently took up several new hobbies and I've settled on two: playing the piano and swimming. Horseback riding and vegetable gardening have been relegated to the background. I’m learning it’s ok to be bad at things, that or I’d never try something new!  Long-time interests include volunteering with animal rescue and pet therapy programs, attending concerts and lectures, reading non-fiction, playing the flute, cooking fabulous simple meals, traveling just enough, enjoying the outdoors, and spending time with my husband Bill, our rescue dog Millie, our rescue cat Oscar, friends and family.


Santa Fe, New Mexico is now our full-time home.  I’ve lived all over the country and am happy with our choice. Santa Fe is a small town with big city benefits: the visual and performing arts, restaurants, lecture series, and people from all over and with interesting backgrounds. A vibrant community!


My professional background is finance, both Wall Street (institutional equity research) and personal finance. I am essentially retired from my financial planning and investment advisory business and I am enjoying doing more as a financial educator.


My answer to “where are you from” is “all over.”  I was raised in a military family and my own career added to the places I’ve lived. The list, in chronological order: Germany, Maryland, Tennessee, Alaska, Wyoming, Washington, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New York, Missouri, New York, New Mexico (Sandia Park and Santa Fe).


That long list of former states means that I often have places in common with people I meet here in Santa Fe. And I also enjoy running into fellow alumni from New York University (MBA) and Colorado State (BS - Finance), of which there are quite a few in this small town.

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